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2023 VO Reel

Virtual Reality

Voice Roles

Highlights of the characters Kevin has played

IBM Bunny

Kevin provides the voice of the IBM Bunny in this advertisement. Animation done by Backwoods animation. 


VO Resume

VO Resume

Video Games “Muarim” - Fire Emblem Heroes - Nintendo “Leonidas” - Rise of Kingdoms - Lilith Games “Korg” - Marvel: Avengers Academy - Marvel “Gator” - XCom Legends - 2K “Helix” - Elite Dangerous & HCS Voice Packs “He-Man” - Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff - Fox Digital Studios “Thulsa Doom” - Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff - Fox Digital Studios “Shiro” - Highway Rider - Battery Acid Games “Eldrad” - A Dragon Named Coal - Clever Crow Games “Announcer” & “Exitor” - Insane Pain - Blast Process Games “Grandmaster Tobias” - King of the World - Sontec Games “Undead Shopkeeper” - Gnollhack “Lestor Pendragon” - Hidden Exhibition: A King's Line - Domini Games “Announcer” and “Rasputin” - Legends of The Brawl “Male Customer Voices” - Jean’s Sundaeria Animation & Audio Drama “Tigerclaw” - Warrior Cats Animated - Internet Animation “Vincent” - The Sales Off - Internet Animation “Finn McCool” - Project Gnosis - Audio Drama
Promotional & Live
"Voice of God" Announcer - AJR The Maybe Man Tour - National & Live “Kung Fu Bunny” - IBM - Internet “Vintage Announcer” - American Prohibition Musuem - Internet & Regional “Anthem Announcer” - IdeaMarket - Brand Anthem “Sassy Announcer” - Unique Pretzels - Internet “Fantasy Maze Narrator” - Watford Borough Creative Media “Gun Belt Announcer” - Magpul - Internet “Baby Buddha” - Travel Leaders Network - Internet “Smart Chair Announcer” - Nexvoo Healthcare - Internet Training Kiba Walker  Gina Scharpa 


Kevin is represented by DDO Artist Agency, New York.  


Professional equipment to deliver professional results. 

  • Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun Condenser Microphone  

  • iFocusrite Scarlett XLR Interface 

  • ProTools, Adobe Audition and iZotope 

  • ipDTL, Source-Connect, Discord, Zoom

  • Typical Turn Around Time Within 12 Hours of Request

About Kevin 

Voice Actor / Impressionist / Content Creator 

“Kevin did a great job, and was very flexible...Will definetly use his services in the future.” 

- Steve Griffith

“Kevin did a great job, and was very flexible...Will definetly use his services in the future.” 

- Steve Griffith

"One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter." - James Earl Jones

With a voice described as “Deep, Booming, Rich”, Urban is a great choice for your project! In addition to having a natural mid-baritone, Urban also has a dynamic range that can bring life to any character. 

Kevin Urban has been a voice over artist for the last eight years, providing voices for a number of different projects including video games, promos, radio promos and video games. Brands he has worked with include Nintendo and Marvel. 

Tats Tops Videos of YouTube, 750,000 YouTube Subscribers

"Kevin has been a sheer joy to work with. His attitude was enthusiastic, positive, and carefree. There was never a single hint of frustration or loss of patience. I am thrilled with Kevin's acquaintance and have the opportunity to work with such as talented and professional gentlemen. After the years of voice work, I have truly felt he has a keen understanding of dedication and professionalism, and truly takes pride in what he does."